A Tres Dias Weekend is Not Just Another Three Days

I am surprised to find myself spontaneously praying for the Weekend as it quickly approaches.  I am looking forward to it for many reasons as I continue to prepare for its arrival.  Most of the excitement comes from anticipation of what He will do as we pass on through those highly anticipated 3 days.  I expect great things even without knowing what they will be, just hoping some of them I actually get to see!  With last minute details underway, we are getting ready for a brand new day! 

It occurred to me, as I walked my usual three miles this morning, how we spend so much time preparing and planning, looking forward to a moment, a ‘piece’ of time that is ahead. It can be a long awaited accomplishment, a goal or even a dreaded moment.  We can either embrace or fear the approaching ‘moment’ but its impending, inevitable arrival can become bigger then the event itself.  The wait can be more life changing then the  moment.   Then so quickly, the moment passes becoming just another day in your life.  It might have been a really great day becoming a great memory or a painful day leaving a painful memory, but its still the same.  It is just another day gone by.

Well, that’s how I see this upcoming Tres Dias, not as just another day or just another Weekend, but I look forward in hope and great expectation of what God will do in the hearts and lives of the people He has pulled together to share in the outpouring of His Love .  The team of ladies He has orchestrated to serve and the Candidates that He has chosen are all by design with  specific plans and purposes in mind for each one.  Regardless of who we are, as we are emptied He fills us, as we decrease He increases.  I  am longing for this divine exchange and to not be the same as when I came.  In reality, its really is just another day, but as time is changed so is my heart.

Even though I wait with great excitement for what is to come and I know that it will soon be another day, but Oh, What God, will have done in a seemingly ordinary way!  I am looking forward to sharing what He, will have done in me.






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