Adventure into God’s Amazing Grace

Grace-Book-SlideAre you willing to adventure into God’s amazing Grace?

All religions of the world other then Christianity contain some form of human effort or require some human achievement whether it be religious or moral to be acceptable to God.  The very thing that sets Christianity apart is that it is a religion of Grace and is amazing at that!  It is a practice of belief based on the idea that though we humans are undeserving God gives us His unmerited favor.   It is through this unmerited divine assistance that we are accepted into relationship with Him.  Grace is God’s generous gift of eternal loving kindness, lavishly and freely given to everyone.

Our little book, Adventure into God’s Amazing Grace, is an over simplified depiction trying to capture the fullness of God’s Grace available to us.  As we receive the Grace that flows down to us, we are drawn up and out of ourselves, closer and closer to Him through the various stages of that precious Grace from above.  The following is some of what you’ll find in our book regarding that grace.

Creation Grace is the awakening of awesome wonder at His creation beginning when He created the Heavens and the Earth.  Though the heavens remain a mystery in many ways, there is sufficient revelation that displays the power of the Creator as Paul, explains in Romans 1:19-20 ‘…what may be known about God is plain, because He makes it plain to men.’

Prevenient Grace is God’s love courting and calling to awaken in us a longing for relationship with Himself and the really cool part about this grace is it exists apart from anything we humans may have done and it protects our free will allowing us to choose or reject the One who is calling us into relationship.

Saving Grace is available to everyone resulting from the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  Through His death on the cross an opening or a way has been made through which we humans can actually have access to God Himself.

Sanctifying Grace is a lifetime process following the initial act of accepting what Jesus did on the cross through saving grace.  God has done His part, giving the gift of Himself in both Saving and Sanctifying Grace. He has given us all that we need to bring transformation to our souls through the submission to His will and action working in us.

Glorifying Grace is not a state of being glorified for ourselves nor is it being lifted high by the blessings of God but rather it becoming worthy of the work He has given us to do. By His power we are glorified to fulfill every Christ directed action prompted in us by the Holy Spirit.  God glorifies us, we glorify Him and His intention is to glorify for Himself a people that are His very own, eager to do what He considers to be done.

Which of these types of amazing grace can you identify with in your own life?

Find Adventure’s into God’s Amazing Grace here.


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