Anointing in the Tres Dias Kitchen

I am without excuse for not posting almost immediately about one of the most powerful Tres Dias Weekends I have ever experienced.  It is always a life changing experience regardless of where you spend your time serving when the 3 days are gone – your life is simply not the same. Not the same in a much better way.  This past weekend for me was one of the most powerful I’ve served on and the best part about it was that I was in the kitchen.

The mechanics of the kitchen and dining room service went off without a hitch.  We had no disagreements, no accidents, smooth schedule flexibility and everyone gave 110% from Thursday through Sunday.  Even when we were tired, sore and running on little sleep – our kitchen crew ROCKED!

We built new relationships and strengthened old ones working alongside one another.  The best part is how the Lord showed up so often as we prayed for one another.  Burdens were lifted, lives were touched by the Holy Spirit and bodies were healed.  The Lord loved each one us in personal ways by drawing us back to Him, strengthening our trust in Him and answering prayer.

Looking forward to the next one………









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