Are You Feeling Stuck?

feeling stuck?So, are you feeling stuck? I mean are you ok with where you are right now? Perhaps, you’d like to change something in your life but you don’t know how.  When we don’t know how to change our reality, our present, the ordinary we are prevented from moving forward.  Often, we don’t know what to do to change and become familiar with the pain of being stuck rather then the pain of gain.

One of the first things we need to do is get a picture of what the change we are desiring looks like.  We need an image in our mind’s eye and to see it with our hearts.  Imagine change as it would be and not as it currently is.  See it, picture it and desire it always keeping the image in your mind.  Write it down describing it just as you see it and frequently talk about it, sharing it often.

The image we have of change is the evidence of what is hope for because we don’t hope for what we already have.  Faith is looking ahead and seeing what is not as though it was already.  We only need to begin with a small amount of faith, about the size of a mustard seed is needed, because it is the life or the substance of that little seed that propels us forward. It can move us forward ANYWHERE with the sky the limit for its potential. In reality it is our own imaginations that set our perimeters.

If anything is possible how much more with God? As we think and talk about what we see it strengthens what we believe giving momentum to change.  We water and feed the seed of faith but it is God who gives it life causing it to become reality.  He IS the life in the seed of faith that calls us forward.  I can see why it would be hard to please Him without it.  One would remain stagnate, unchanging and quite ordinary without faith, never realizing new life.

Are you willing to picture the change you desire and then press on in faith to see it become a reality?  Will you speak of it and believe it until it reaches maturity? Do you believe that it is possible to change your reality, your present and move forward, so that what has always been will not always be?

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