Are You Moving Forward Christ?

Forward SignIn my monthly newsletter I talked about moving forward in Christ.  As we start this New Year I asked what actions you were taking to move forward from the ordinary to the extraordinary in your life.  It is actually in moving from the point of origin (or reality) to the desired destination (by faith) that somewhere along the journey change occurs.  The ordinary water would have never become extraordinary wine if those pots at the wedding in Cana had not been filled and taken to the Master’s Table.  Jesus told the ten lepers to show themselves to the priests and as they went they were healed.  He told the cripple to pick up his mat and go!  The change from ordinary to extraordinary happened along the way, while moving forward every time.

I believe life is all about moving forward, but it is not always easy to keep moving ahead and we often find ourselves stuck.  Do you have patterns of behavior, repetitive cycles in your life that simply keep you stuck?  Do you believe that what has always been – will always be and that there is really no way to move ahead? Are you without hope and your life a little dark as you feel like it is impossible for you to move forward toward change?  Do find yourself believing that ordinariness is all you will ever know and that extraordinary for you is out of reach?

Often times we don’t know how to change reality (our present-the ordinary) and fail to move at all.  We either don’t know what to do or how to do what we see (the extraordinary).  Change doesn’t come because we are not moving.  Its in moving forward from the point of our reality (ordinary) to the desired destination (through faith) that somewhere along the way change comes and ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Faith is the evidence of what is hoped for (extraordinariness) but not yet seen.  Who hopes for what they have? Without the evidence or proof of what is hoped for there is nothing to call us forward.  If it is in moving forward that change happens, then it is impossible to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary without it!  The great news is that we only need a small amount of it. In fact, the amount of the size of a mustard seed is all that is needed.  It is the life in that little seed that calls us forward.  Our own imaginations set the perimeters as to where we can go, because it is with our imaginations that we see the extraordinary! As with any seed it takes time to grow.

What seeds of faith are you planting to change the patterns of behavior or repetitive cycles that hold you back from the extraordinary in your life? What do you imagine change to look like? What changes do you desire by moving forward and what actions are you taking to do bring them?  Tell me of the ordinariness of your life that you’d like to change to extraordinary.  Do you think it is really possible? Do you believe and carry even the tiniest seed of faith to begin moving forward?

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