Are You Moving Forward?

Ordinary-to-extraordinaryAre you moving forward in Christ? He calls us from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary and its in moving forward that change happens. The ordinary water would have never become extra-ordinary wine if those pots at the wedding in Cana had not been filled and taken to the Master’s Table. Its in moving forward from the point of origin (or reality) to the desired destination (by faith) that somewhere along the journey change comes. At the start of the New Year what actions are you taking to move forward from ordinary to extra-ordinary?

I have begun to move forward after hearing instruction from the Lord.  He said to me, “Kitrina, though it may look the same it is not.  If you’ll lend me your eyes I will help you to spot what you have, rather then what you have not. If you’ll listen to Me, I will tell you what will be.  It is not at all what you think you see.  In fact, it is a brand new day and I am well aware that it doesn’t feel that way.”  Needless to say, He got my attention with those words because I was not wanting to go back to the ordinariness of my life after the holidays.  I had driven to my sister’s on Christmas day and did not want to go back home to face the pressures of lack, back to the struggle of making ends meet and back to the frustration of not knowing how to change my circumstances.  The stress of the my ordinariness was making me ill.  I had been sick for months and could not get well because of all the stress.  While at my sister’s trying to relax I was all the while seeking the Lord for courage, strength and to know what to do to change my life regardless of whether or not I ever returned home.

After hearing from the Lord that day, I have begun to move forward from the ordinariness of my life.  I will share with you what He shows me as I move along in my own journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  He has not only been teaching me His ways but He is also revealing my heart to me as I follow His instructions.  It is actually in moving forward that change comes and not waiting for it to come before moving forward.


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