Are You Moving Forward?

When Jesus performed His first miracle He took something ordinary and sometime between where the ordinary thing originated and when it arrived at the Master’s table it became something extra ordinary.  The change occurred while it was in motion from where it originated to its destination.  No one knows where it actually was changed along the journey, but there was no doubt it was really changed.  Are you out to lunch or moving forward to lunching with the Master?

Are you in a place, circumstance or have the need for something to change in your life?  Is there something or some things that have always been that you would rather not always be?  Do you need something ordinary in your life to become extra-ordinary? You must keep your mind OPEN to what different would be, you may not ‘see’ it exactly, but you know what different would be. Then, begin to move forward toward different, take steps of action, if for no other reason then just to get moving.  Somewhere in the moving forward the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Look at Jesus’ first miracle when He turned ordinary water into extraordinary wine.  It was better then ordinary wine even though it once was only water.  If the water had remained in the pots and not been moved to the Master’s table would it have ever become wine?

Wine Glass full of red wineIf the miracle comes in the moving forward or action toward what is different. Then it would make sense that the struggle is in actually taking action – especially, when you don’t know what to do?  Jesus’ mother told the servants at the wedding to ‘do what ever He tells you to’.  His directions to them were simple – “Fill these pots with water.”  Then, when that was done He told them to take the pots to the Master.  In those simple actions everything was changed.  Lets look briefly at some things that get in the way of our action or doing what He tells us to do.

As mentioned, begin with an open mind to new possibilities even when you don’t actually see what they are in the moment.  The servants didn’t see wine coming from of His instructions, but followed them with open minds. None of the servants He spoke to made excuses as to why ‘THEY” couldn’t do what He instructed.  They simply followed them.  Do you make excuses like ‘I can do this better’ or ‘I am too good to do this’ – ‘let someone else do it?’  Or do you think just the opposite believing that you are not good enough, strong enough or smart enough to do whatever He tells you?

Then, there is procrastination a simple and subtle enemy of action.  You say, ‘I will do it’ but you don’t actually take action only, hoping, trying, thinking, praying and talking about doing what you hear Him say, but never actually doing it.

Finally, there is fear.  You afraid to do what He says because, you’ve never done it, or it doesn’t make sense or you think it’s too … whatever (insert your excuse)!  Maybe you refuse to step out of what is comfortable.  The list of excuses of fear is inexhaustible.  Fear keeps you paralyzed and captive making you unable to move forward.  It causes your circumstance or need to remain unchanged never going from ordinary to extraordinary.

God or the Master gives us the choice to serve Him, as well as the choice of attitude and mindset with which we serve. Servants won’t love their Master if He is not kind.  He must keep His word to be trusted so that they will choose to do whatever He says, even when they don’t know, see or understand.

How much does the Master love those servants who willingly and whole heartedly do as He says? These are ones with whom He shares His mysteries and secrets.  These are the ones He spends so much time with that the relationship changes from servants to friends.  They love one another as friends and He reveals to them the instructions for changing the ordinariness of their lives into extra-ordinary life of the Master.  He would after all like for you to join Him at His table as His friends.


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