Are You Short On Time or Maybe You Are Not the Crafty Kind?

Short on timeSo, do you have a three day spiritual weekend coming up before the end of the year?  Are you going to be a rector or are you serving on a team with sooo many things to do to get ready?  Are you on a number of teams this year traveling to a number of communities to serve in various positions?  Are you short on time or maybe you are not the crafty kind.  Wouldn’t you like to have gifts of palanca or agape to give on your upcoming weekend?

To be able to help you with any of these situations is the motivation behind Your Fourth Day Connection.  Oftentimes, when preparing for a weekend there are countless things to do to get ready and enough palanca and agape can be on the list.  It is my desire to have prayer covered palanca and agape available for those who are busy pulling together team meetings and preparing for that special weekend.

Perhaps, you are a spiritual director who travels between communities or you serve in numerous positions and you’d love to be able to have affordable palanca and agape to give but you don’t have the time to make it yourself or have someone consistently make it for you.  Maybe you simply are not the crafty kind and it is not your thing to make gifts to take with you, so you do without them.  Again, you are the one I have in mind when I make these simple crosses or forgiven nails affordable to give on your next weekend.

It is my intention to make ordering easy and convenient with delivery right to your door.  It is also important to me that you know that prayer is an important part of what I create.  The gifts are basically meaningless and empty without prayer.  It is the prayer covering that causes the gift to speak as only God can to the heart of the recipient to accomplish His purposes.

So, if you find you are short on time or you’re not the crafty kind please give Your Fourth Day Connection a try the next time you need palanca and agape for an upcoming weekend.





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