Are You Strong and Unafraid?

As-a-woman-thinksAre you strong and unafraid?  Is He teaching you to not be swayed, to not be moved by what you see, but to trust in what He says will be!  When I gave my uncertainty up that was the moment He filled my cup.  I was filled with peace from God and it some how seemed odd.

When this peace filled my belly I couldn’t help but to notice its flood because it took my mind from the squeezing pressure of wanting to know which way to go.  I caught a glimpse of the understanding of why the double minded woman talked about in James 1:8 doesn’t receive anything because of her back and forth thinking.  I see how she is tossed back and forth like a wave in the mist of uncertainty.  It is brutal on her mind to go about unsure, it will wear her out and make her sick with worry, fear and stress. If you know what you want you will be certain of it when it comes.  If you don’t really know for sure how will you recognize it when or if it does come your way?

When you don’t get what you ask and the wait is long will you be still and not get tangled up in worry and fear? Are you tossed back and forth uncertain it will happen or if its possible?  Do you have quiet confidence that regardless of how it appears, you know He is near? Do you live life without the strife a raving mind invites? Are you allowing peace to be your guide and trusting Him to bring you through?  Do you trust Him regardless of what you see.

Has He reminded you to be strong and courageous? Fear and peace can not co-exist.  Which do you choose to lead you through?  Peace is a Person and alive with power to make you strong in your thinking.  Do not be double minded and unsure in your thoughts about what you believe.  Do not let the appearance of reality rob you of your courage and strength.  Your thoughts determine your strength and courage especially when the wait is long.  Let Peace empower your confidence so that you are not tossed back and forth in uncertainty.

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