Beliefs Are Like Seeds

Plant sprouting from seedWhat are you growing in your garden?  Beliefs are like seeds and they produce after their own kind.  Just like a seed grows, what I believe in my heart grows also. I look at my life to see what belief ‘seeds’ have I planted in my heart through the years and how long have they been there? What have those beliefs produced? Are those things I what want in my life? Do they bring me freedom or do they keep me stuck?  It becomes important to me to examine my habits, patterns and behaviors  (fruit) to trace them to their root.  Do I have fruit in my life that I don’t want and if so, how do I get rid of it? How do I get the fruit I do want?  What ‘belief’ seeds should I plant and how long will they take to grow?

I look at some of the habits, patterns and behaviors in my life, to determine whether they are helpful to me for maintaining health and balance in the emotional, physical and spiritual areas of my life.  For example, I have developed a habit of praying in the times when I feel overwhelmed with the circumstances of my life. Prayer is a source of comfort for me and it helps to know how best to move forward. I believe, not just wonder, that this consistently makes a difference in my outcomes. My belief was a seed that took root and grew with time into a habit in my life.  Once I identify the healthy habits, patterns and behaviors (fruit) in my life, I trace them back to what I actually believe and I do the same  for those things that are detrimental. If the fruit is something I don’t want in my life then I look at its root, to see what it is that I actually believe and remove it by putting an axe to it through the power of the Holy Spirit and I replace it with a belief .  that will grow the kind of fruit I want to have in my life.

Do you have habits, patterns and behaviors (fruit) in your life that you don’t want growing in your garden? What belief seeds have you planted in your heart? Look at that fruit to learn what it is you actually believe and with the help of the Holy Spirit replace it with a belief for the things that you want to grow in your garden.

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