What Are You Believing For?

Believing for carrotsI am back to talking about my garden again, because it talks to me and often teaches me about my own life.  It seems like all I do is wait, wait and wait some more.  Sometimes others wait with me but most often I wait alone.  Waiting, in and of itself is not a bad thing…it is just something all of us have to do.  What are you believing for while you wait?

For example, you don’t put a carrot seed in the ground and expect to get your carrots the next day….it takes time.  Growth is not instantaneous it just naturally takes time.  I did weeks of work to get my little garden ready for planting and kept in my mind’s eye the vegetables that I hoped would be the result of my efforts.  I was very excited about getting to the point where it would be time to plant.  When that day finally arrived it felt like a milestone but only served to increase my excitement and in reality, it was not an end to my wait, it was really just the beginning. Though I knew better, when I went to check the garden the next day, I was a little disappointed it didn’t look the slightest bit different then the day before.  It became sort of a joke, that I didn’t have carrots yet!

I learned a little about life from this moment of gardening.  Sometimes when we work hard and look for results they may not come fast enough to suit us.  The time it takes could be very disappointing.  It may seem those results will never come and after having done all we could do there is nothing left but to wait.  Waiting is the hardest thing when nothing seems to be happening, especially after we have worked hard.

Yet, I knew I planted seeds and trusted they were growing, though I couldn’t actually see them.  I was expectant not because of my efforts but because that’s what a seed does when it is planted…it grows! New life is often hidden and takes time to be revealed and often there is nothing to do, but wait.  I  purposely planted particular seeds and expect them to grow into what I want in my garden. I didn’t plant one thing and expect to get something else.

So lets go back to the carrots.  I planted carrots seeds and am believing for carrots not tomatoes! So, I don’t have to worry about what will come at the end of the wait, regardless of how long it takes because the seeds will grow into whatever they are – carrots. It is not a matter of hope and faith, but rather, a matter of what was planted and the time it takes to mature.

Beliefs are like seeds, as they also produce after their own kind.  Just like a seed grows, what I believe also grows until its fruit becomes evident.  The fruit will eventually identify the seed from which it grew.  It takes time from the point of believing for something to actually having what is believed for.  The belief itself is seed, that is planted in the heart and the new growth which is hidden, is waiting to be revealed with time.  The fruit of the seed is the very thing that was believed. Do you trust that it is growing before you ever see the fruit? What are you believing for? Will you give up before the fruit is evident and think it was never so unless, you see the fruit first?

What are you waiting for? Has it taken so long that you think it will never be and given up?  Are you missing the growth, because there is no fruit … yet? Have faith to see what you believe and choose hope to strengthen you while you wait for the time it takes for what you believe to actually be!

2 thoughts on “What Are You Believing For?”

  1. Kitrina, I love this post! We do need to have the kind of faith which allows us to wait in patience and in trust that God will see everything through in His time.
    Blessings to you!

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