Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filters and pipe cleaners are used to make butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies


Coffee filters

Pipe cleaners

Washable Markers


A way to dampen the filters (wet sponge or small spray bottle w/ water)


To make coffee filter butterflies simply fold two coffee filters accordion style.  Wrap ½ pipe cleaner in the middle and twist with a little left over to curl for antenna. (Use a pencil to wrap pipe cleaner to make curly.  The dampen or spray filter with water and dab designs on wet filter with washable markers leaving color to bleed and run to make design.  (Don’t soak filters, just wet enough for marker ink to run some) Then, when dried, gently separate the two filters and shape into butterfly wings with the pipe cleaner in the center used to tie and be the antenna.

—Rainbows in the Park Reunion Group – Durham, NC.

Heart of Carolina – Emmaus

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