Do You Call it Palanca or Agape?

DeColores ImageIf you actively participate and enjoy serving in a 4th day community you probably know what Palanca or Agape are all about.  You probably know well its powerful impact on the Weekend experience.  Whether you call it as palanca or agape  is usually determined by the method you experienced on your weekend.  For example, the Cursillo and Tres Dias communities call this aspect of the weekend Palanca and the Walk to Emmaus and Great Banquet communities call it Agape.  In reality, these two things are exactly the same and are simply called by different names. Do you call it palanca or agape?

Is it palanca and agape?

It might be surprising to learn how many folks there are, who love Palanca or Agape but don’t really know what it is.  Though it would be no surprise to hear testimonies of how they were impacted when they received it.  All they know for sure is how much they love it and how it makes them feel.  But have you ever wondered what it really is and why it is so powerful.

The Word Palanca Means ‘Lever’

The word Palanca is a Spanish word that means ‘lever’.  Palanca is the prayer, sacrifice and service that enables the accomplishment of things that would otherwise be impossible without God’s grace.  Palanca acts as a lever lifting both team and candidates in all phases of the weekend experience.

The Word Agape Means ‘God’s Love’

Agape, the other term used for the same aspect of a weekend in the Walk to Emmaus community is a word that is used to describe God’s Love.  The essence of Agape love is self sacrifice and is an accurate representation of the spiritual force of God’s passion poured out on both candidates and team as shown through both individual and community prayer and sacrifice.

It is The Same No Matter What You Call It.

The Cursillo Movement where the 3-day weekend for spiritual renewal was birthed uses the word ‘palanca’ to describe the spiritual force represented by voluntary prayers and sacrifices done individually or in community. Whether you call it Palanca or Agape it is the same powerful spiritual force whose aim is to help those for whom we pray overcome the resistance to Grace.  It is the same, whether you know it as palanca or agape.  What is at the heart, no matter what you call it, is the actual effort, action, prayer and sacrifice that has been offered for the spiritual success of those we love and serve.


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