Do You Know, Like and Trust Jesus?

Know, Like, TrustIs the ‘know, like and trust’ factor just a basic marketing principle or is it something more? This know, like and trust concept is not unique to marketing but its an integral part of developing relationship and not just in the world of marketing.  In that world those terms are used to sum up how to convert prospective visitors to your blog, website, business, etc. into customers to build a community of loyal fans who love and champion you regularly.  I believe its also the way people are led into and strengthened in the development of relationship with the Living God.

But what does “know, like and trust” really mean? Let’s look at it word by word to understand it  more clearly.  Folks have to know who you are, they need to see you and become aware of your presence before they can have relationship with you, they need to know you exist.  Next, folks need to like you and there are a bunch of ways you can make that happen, but it really comes down to being the most authentic you.  It happens when you are true to your word and are genuine.  After, folks come to like you they learn to trust you.  People do not trust what they do not know nor what they do not like.

How well do you really know Jesus?  Do you or have you ever ‘seen’ Him and have you become aware of His presence in your life in personal ways? How well do you like what you do know of Him?  Have you experienced the authenticity of His Word and come to trust Him because of it?  The know, like, trust factor is the same way folks are ‘converted’ if you will into the body of Christ or the Kingdom of God.  They must first know He exists becoming aware of His presence understanding He has what they need.  Then, folks come to like Him as they personally learn the truth of His Word in their lives.  Like, grows into love as trust is developed through relationship.

It all begins with knowing Him and they greater we know Him, the more we learn to love and trust Him becoming part of His body where we love and champion Him regularly.  The know, like, trust factor is not just a marketing principle but a part of building any community through relationship development.  I want to know, love and trust Him more and more everyday….how about you?

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