Every Fourth Day Weekend that Closes … a New Life Opens

Our heads were filled with ideas and our hearts filled with fire.  Awakened to grace and linked together in community and genuine friendship we now live our Fourth Day in triumphal Christianity.  A clear mark of the Fourth Day Movement is our assurance that the Gospel and the grace of Christ will overcome evil.   Through holiness (piety), formation (study) and evangelization (action) we have been transformed to bring light into a dim and darkening world.

Traditional Fourth Day Communities are extending the existential, jubilant tools of the Fourth Day Movement to bring the good news to the growing numbers of the poor, broken and oppressed.    A relatively new Fourth Day Movement that offers God’s grace in Rescue Missions and Rehabilitation Centers to release the prisoners from addiction.  It is Credo Recovery.  Let us know if you’d like to know more about the healing power of this Fourth Day Movement?

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