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Follow Jesus Homemade Agape/palanca

Follow Jesus Homemade Agape/palancaMaterials:

  • Bag of Small Compasses (inexpensively ordered thru Oriental Trading Co.),
  • Glue
  • Avery Business cards

This is printed on a business card sheet.  I have found that white Gorilla Glue is the best glue for holding the plastic compass to the card. (when using Gorilla Glue, a little goes a long way. It “bubbles” when it dries, so if you use too much, it will bubble out from under the compass. I usually order a lot of craft supplies from Oriental for Bible school, etc. Shipping is usually free for large orders, so I combine this order with other orders to avoid a high shipping fee.


  1. Click link to Avery
  2. Software is easy and intuitive to use and you can be as creative as you like.
  3. Set up a template using Avery
    • Avery Business Cards of your choice (8371 or 8376)
    • Click on Avery link
    • Click Templates & Software tab on blue bar
    • Choose Avery Design & Print Online
    • Choose business cards from menu on the left (find a blank one or choose one and delete images)
    • Use the dashboard to find images from Avery Gallery or use your own
  4. Simply print the business cards with information you want to include like the scripture reference, reunion group name and weekend number.
  5. Glue the compass on each card and when glue is dry the agape/palanca is ready to give

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