Have You Ever Needed Help With Your Weekend Banners?

Delight Yourself in the Lord ~ Banner (Heart w/ cross inside on blue background)
Delight Yourself in the Lord

Have you ever run short on time with a fast approaching weekend and wished that you could have some help with your banners or simply  have someone make the banner(s) for you?  Are you stumped for an idea for creating your banner?  Are you unsure of what you want and need a little help? Do you know anyone who has the time, skill and understanding of what and why you need a banner? It is our hope to help you with that very thing.

We are creating a place where you can view numerous banners, for the purpose of getting ideas to make your own, having one customized to your weekend based on what you see or being able to purchase one that you like.

We have the same premise for the banners as we do for the palanca~agape.  We would like to make banners available for sale online made.  Instead of having them made outside of the 4th day community, why not have those who know their importance in the weekend experience make them for you, saving you time and money?

Do you have a banner that you’ve made that was well loved?  Would you like to put it a picture of it on the site and be willing to make others it available for sale? Your Fourth Day Connection is looking for those who are knowledgeable and skilled in making banners and would be willing to make them as the orders come in.  This would be a great way to supplement your income using your skills to bless others in the 4th Day Community.  If you prefer to make the banners as a reunion group the income could be used to sponsor someone for a weekend who would not otherwise be able to afford the weekend experience.  An additional use for the extra income is to be able to help those in your community who travel to other countries to work weekends.

We would love to know your thoughts about this idea and whether you’d like to be a part of our creative community at Your Fourth Day Connection.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your thoughts and suggestions.










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