God Will Put it All Together for You


Cardstock of your color choice

Laminate or clear contact paper to make it sturdier.

Puzzle Pieces

Gorilla Glue (works best)

Magnetic Strip – found at Walmart in craft section.

Labels to print info like reunion group, weekend date & number to put on the back of the card.


You will want to print a whole page of the words “God will put it all together for you” or some other saying, in a business card format or actually use avery business cards, but I use cardstock instead. I laminate the whole page and use a paper cutter to cut small “cards” that are about the size of a business card. I glue a puzzle piece on the side of the saying. Gorilla Glue works best to firmly hold the puzzle piece. Then I glue piece of magnetic strip (found in the craft section of Walmart) to the back of the card to make the agape an magnet. I add some Gorilla Glue to the sticky part of the magnetic strip. I’ve learned that the sticky glue on the magnetic strip doesn’t last long.

Then include on the labels any info you want to provide on your agape, like your reunion group name or weekend date and number and stick them to the back of the card underneath the magnet you have already attached.

– Cindy Hutchins –

The reunion groups of Midway Methodist Church in Auburn, GA.

 Please visit our store where you will find ready made palanca/agape or devotionals that make great gifts for 4th day reunion groups.


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