God’s Word is Sweet Like Chocolate

Palanca~Agape Idea made with Chocolate

Palanca~Agape Idea made with ChocolateMaterials:

A sheet of paper to be used as the book cover – choose your color

2 wrapped Hershey’s Nuggets (silver or gold for your pages) It takes 2 pieces of chocolate per piece of palanca/agape.

1 piece of white paper (to be your pages)

1 sliver of colored paper or thin ribbon (for your bookmark)


Cut the colored paper to be used for the book cover in about 2.1″ x 1.5″ strip and center the two chocolate pieces side by side and glue them down on the paper.

Then cut the white paper into 2.75″ x 1″ strips and you will 1 strip for every ‘bible’ that you make.

Write the scripture or saying of your choice i.e. ‘God’s Word is Sweet like Chocolate’ on the paper that is used as the pages and then wrap the paper horizontally around the chocolate and glue it down around the pieces.

Add your little ribbon down the center and there you go!


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