Growing Cursillo Community

Though everything is not as I’d like it to be and not everything is in place as I have planned, it is simply time to take a stand. It has been inside and wanting out, I’ve struggled with my doubts, took some steps and had some disappointing starts, trying to put together pieces and parts.

I have dreams of building community with other believers who have been involved with Cursillo, regardless of how much of their lives they’ve invested in the Movement. I want it to be a place where people can connect and re-connect to share knowledge, insight, wisdom, experience, testimony and build relationship with one another. I want it to be an online community, an international meeting place, abundant in the Holy Spirit, rich in resources for individuals, whole communities, reunion groups, spiritual directors and more. Plus, it would offer a place for unique and creative palanca from all over the world.

At this point, I see where I want to go, but Lord knows, I have no idea how to get there! I do not yet posses the writing or technical skills and knowledge necessary to create the website of my dreams, not to mention, the time and finance its going to take. My desire is as a passion seed, but it will not ever take root, never mind bear fruit, if I do not first plant it. All that is needed is to simply start. A seed dropped in the soil will not produce a tree in just a day, it will take time and time waits for no one.

So that it doesn’t continue to slip away I am planting my seed of passion today! I will share with you from this point forward my journey of building community in the Cursillo experience. It matters not whether you call it Tres Dias, Walk to Emmaus, Kairos, The Great Banquet, The Pilgrimage, Chryslis, Via de Cristo or Credos to list a few of the names its experienced through, we all share in the same Love of God expressed through the Cursillo movement. It is out of that experience that we all have something to share.

I am also on an upcoming Tres Dias team serving in the kitchen and am looking forward to sharing my weekend experience of how God pours out His love bringing new freedom, healing hurts and mending relationships. I am excited about what He will do in my own life over the three days.

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