He Will Bring You Through

Brick wallWell, don’t be surprised when things don’t work out as you planned.  Sometimes it seems even when we do everything we know to be right it doesn’t make a difference and you find yourself unable to bring about the change you so desperately seek.  So what do you do then…give up, believe it is impossible and settle for what appears to be the only way?

I wouldn’t say give up nor believe that it will never change, because a little more time could make all the difference.  Yet, when the moment feels like its never ending and progress seems unclear how do you continue to press on through?  It is in knowing, believing and seeing even when everything on the outside doesn’t match what you know, believe and see to be true.  That is faith!  I’ve heard it so many times … faith is the evidence of things hoped for but not yet seen, for who hopes for what they already have?  A life of faith is not one mountain top experience after another but it is a life of day in and day out consistency, it is a life of walking without fainting. (Oswald Chambers)

In those moments of just wanting to faint from the pressures of the circumstance, the frustration of not knowing what else to do, the powerlessness of changing the situation or the weariness of waiting, acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways asking Him to lead you through.  This life of faith requires trust in the One who is leading. He will make provision to sustain you and give you rest if you trust in Him.

Do you believe and trust that He is able?  Do you know that He is with you and doesn’t leave you alone to work things out for your good?  Do you believe He knows your heart and hears your prayer?

Are you willing to trust when you don’t see and allow Him to lead you through?  His Word is a lamp in the world of your darkness, lighting the way for every step if you will take it to heart.  It is in quiet and intimate relationship that you get to know His friendship and not by following rules and regs.  He will see you through if you allow Him.

So don’t be surprised when things don’t turn out like you plan or take longer then you think!  Instead use the moment to know Him better and become familiar with His comforting presence until He in His faithfulness brings you through.


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