Should Handmade Palanca~Agape Be Sold?

I really enjoy making palanca~agape, in fact, one of the reasons I look forward to a weekend is because I get to make it.  Part of why I love making it so much, is that its a time I get to spend with the Lord in prayer.  It is always a labor of love that I look forward to!  The prayer covering is what I believe makes handmade palanca~agape so special.

There are many benefits when it is made in reunion groups as well.  Some of those benefits include strengthening relationships, by spending time together sharing each others burdens and victories while getting ready for upcoming weekends.  It is an economical way of sharing the cost of materials and there can be generous amounts made in a shorter time.

Palanca~agape ‘parties’ are a fun and practical way of creating enough to be able to sell, making it available at anytime to others within or even outside of one’s community.  But, there could be that funny feeling about ‘selling’ handmade palanca~agape.  The whole idea just sorta sounds strange in a way, but let’s think beyond the idea of ‘selling’ it and consider how that could actually be productive beyond the benefits previously mentioned.

There are a number of reasons for purposely having parties to create large amounts of palanca~agape.  One, they provide opportunity for getting together often, helping to strengthen relationship within a community.  Second, the parties are a way of sharing the cost of materials, ideas and skills.  Third, the parties are an opportunity for increased time in group prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  Fourth, it allows for a consistent flow of handmade gifts.  The consistent flow is important because it makes the palanca~agape available as needed.  Having it ready ahead of a weekend doesn’t take away from its prayer covering or lessen its anointing in any way, nor does the possibility of it being used by a different community.   Another important reason, for having parties is to create large amounts of handmade gifts, to be readily available for sale.  These are all real, practical and healthy ways of building community.

The idea of making palanca~agape to sell for the purpose of raising money is also healthy to the community, but how could that possibly be?  First, it makes readily available handmade, Holy Spirit inspired, prayer covered gifts, which is not something one gets with the store bought stuff.  Second, it is a way of sharing and connecting with other communities.  Those communities could be right next door or in another country! Third, the money that comes in from the sale of palanca~agape can be used for helping to build new or struggling communities. Reunion groups can use the money to sponsor candidates who may not otherwise be able to afford a weekend experience.  It can also be used to support those working weekends in other countries who need help with travel expenses.  Though the idea of selling palanca~agape make take a little getting used to it may be worth trying.

If you had a way of easily and conveniently ordering handmade palanca~agape would you be willing to buy and give it?

Let us know if you would be interested in selling what you love to make, whether by yourself or as a reunion group!





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