I Want To Sell Palanca And Agape To You!

Cross-CollageAs I get closer to the big launch date for my little business ‘Powerful Palanca’  I find my anxiety level creeping up just a little.  My head swims with all kinds of ideas but I have to stay focused on the tasks at hand and some of them seem monumental.  I’ve had a friend that the Lord has brought in my life who has been more then gracious to help me with my website and this is the second one she has done as we’ve changed its focus from being a resource for ideas to it becoming a store for handmade, [prayer covered palanca and agape.  I want to sell palanca and agape so you can give it away!

One of the things I worry about is the resistance that folks have with the idea of selling palanca and agape.  I get mixed feelings when I talk to others about making it available for sale.  Some believe that if it is sold then it is not really palanca or agape but there are also others who believe its a good idea.  I am not so concerned with those who don’t think its a good idea but what does give me pause is the thought that making these gifts available for sale is commercializing a special aspect of the movement.

When the Cursillo movement first began palanca or agape was a letter that was written to the candidates and was a physical representation of the prayer and sacrifice of the givers.  The meaning of palanca is lever and the lever is given its force to lift the spirits of the participants through the power of prayer.  I don’t know how or when the giving of actual gifts became such a focus of the weekend and though letters still very much a part of the experience there is a definite lean towards the giving of trinkets, candy, jewelery, crosses and other similar things in every offshoot of the movement, whether its Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, The Great Banquet or others.  Kairos would be the only exception because its impossible to have those things go inside prison walls.  That, by the way is one of the things that makes Kairos so powerful is that it does not have any of the trappings often called palanca.  Prayer and the written letter are the most powerful contributors to the life changing impact of the prison ministry.

There are a couple of online stores that cater specifically to the 4th day community and supply things like cards, pencils, pins, aprons, t-shirts, etc. to be given as palanca and agape.  They’ve been in business for years and I’ve not heard of them being criticized for commercializing palanca and agape.  Why, I’d have to ask, would I or anyone else for that matter, be guilty of commercializing a very special part of the weekend if we were to sell handmade, prayer covered gifts making them available to the 4th community to give as palanca or agape?

One of the things that sets Powerful Palanca apart from other online stores is that I pray over all of the gifts that I make from the time I buy the supplies off the shelves, create and prepare them to be shipped out.  (which is no different then what a reunion group would do in preparation for weekend gifts) I have a passion for God to accomplish things that only His grace can in the hearts of the recipients and neither do I believe that because the things I create are sold to be given by another that it negates the prayer I have invested in them.

What do you think?  Do you believe that because I create palanca and agape to sell to make it available for someone else to give, that God does not honor the prayer I have invested? Is it not also possible that the one who buys the palanca and agape can add their own prayers to the ones already invested? Comment to tell me your thoughts.

Take a look at some of the things I make available for sale by going here.  If you like our store and you love palanca and agape then please consider using your skill and creativity to make it available for sale here for others to enjoy.  Honor the Lord by using the gift of creativity He has given you by making beautiful things that carry His anointing to accomplish in the hearts of the recipients only that which His grace can!

Contact me if you make beautiful jewelry or if you are a skilled seamstress, potter or have something unique to offer the 4th day community!




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