In The Kitchen For Tres Dias!

It was not until I went to the team meeting that I knew my invitation was not accidental happenstance, but that I was meant to be on this Weekend.  I expected a buzz of excitement, happy faces and a warm welcome, so none of that surprised me.  I met some of the ladies I’d be working with in the kitchen and all seemed ready to go!  We all seem ready to rise early, early like 5 or 5:30 to begin the day’s meal preparations.  We will be the team serving up food to strengthen the body as other team members serve up food that strengthens the spirit.  The Lord won’t grow weary and will not sleep like we do, but will be busy feeding His sheep all Weekend long.

It won’t matter where you serve, He will be sure everyone is fed and cared for.  He will touch the heart of every lady whether it be with a word, a revelation, a gesture of kindness or simply His Presence.

As the three days pass, we will begin to decrease in our physical strength, energy and excitement, He will begin to increase in Spirit as the Weekend builds in momentum.  As we are emptied of ourselves He will fill us, fill us with Himself and we will become more like Him.  We will climb to the ‘top of the Mountain’ after much preparation using our own strength, filled with excitement and anticipation of what is ahead.  We will spend everything we have, giving our best for three days in service of Him and of others so that He would made be known.  Its in this process, that we know we will not be the same when the weekend is over and we come down from the ‘Mountain Top’.

Jesus asked, “Who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27  The Greatest became the least, He came to serve rather then to be served.  He is with both the one who sits at the table and with the one who serves, making each more like Himself.

So how did I know I was to be on this Weekend and on this particular team?  It was not because I am confident and comfortable in the kitchen, but after hearing the final talk of the Weekend during a practice run at the meeting I knew, not only that I was to be there, but that it was a divine invitation.  He’s made a way for me to be part of the team that He has purposefully crafted to accomplish things unique to this Weekend.  He will draw candidates whose hearts will identify with the vulnerability, honesty and transparency of the team’s trust in Him to reveal their own hearts.  There will be great Divine Exchange over the Weekend and the Lord has included me because He knows the deep things of my heart and made a way without my knowledge of the upcoming Weekend.

I may or may not have known until the last minute, even if I had started at the beginning of it’s formation that this team was being lead by a woman who was willing to share so honestly of a heartache we share in common.  She, like me has  remained single and childless into her 50’s while waiting on God to bring her husband.  As there are many other single women on the team, it is apparent to me that He has plans for touching us in ways that are special to this group of women.

Not only am I looking forward to spending myself in service to Him on the Mountain Top, but I am longing to see how I will be filled when I come back down.


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