Is Being Double Minded Easy To Stop?

Stop being double mindedI never really gave it much thought, but have you ever wondered if being double minded is easy to stop?  In fact, have you even realized that you were being that way?  I had no idea that it was the root cause of so much anguish in my life.  It wasn’t until I grew very weary of the same conversation with the Lord that He finally spoke and did it without words. Instead He used a powerful sense of peace so noticeable that it relieved the squeezing of my head.  At the very same time I noticed the peace, thoughts of James 1:6-7 came to mind.  That verse suddenly made clear to me why I had been struggling so much.

I knew I did not want to go back to a conventional 9-5 job, drive in peak traffic hours in the city and give my time to someone else for a living and He’d given  me an idea for an online business, which I was already pursuing. However, I struggled constantly with not believing it was of Him or the right thing to do or that I’d be able to make it work so I worried. I worried about a million things all the time. I went back and forth in my thoughts about whether or not I should pursue it any further.  Out of desperation that night, like so many others the familiar conversation began again.  Only this time it went a little differently as I spoke from somewhere deep in my heart telling the Lord with His help to do what I could not, I was confident it would succeed.  It was a release in me that triggered the peace that brought revelation.  Suddenly, I had a new momentum and freedom to move forward.

My thoughts of worry, fear and doubt competed with my faith and hope.  I was being tossed back and forth in my emotions, my actions and my beliefs.  It was wearing me out! I was in no position to receive anything because I was constantly of two minds.  I understood why I was stuck.  How could I be trusted with what I was asking if I wasn’t confident of it?

Is being double minded easy to stop? Its easy, if you choose to be confident of what you’re asking for but to do that, you also have to be confident of Who you’re asking it of.  It begins with a choice to believe and then to trust the One who can do what you can not.  Mark 9:23 says: Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.  Imagine if David had been unsure of God in his attack against Goliath – the hesitation would have been costly, even deadly!

To stop being double minded, choose to believe, choose to trust Him and know what His Word says about both of those.  Becoming disciplined in those things will keep you from being tossed back and forth in your thoughts and actions propelling you forward.  But first, you have to become aware of the back and forth in your thoughts.  Do you believe or are you unsure, do you really believe or do you lack confidence?  It will pull you in opposite directions and you will not move forward.

What do you think…….is being double minded easy to stop?


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