Know the Love of Christ Behind Bars

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already flown by and the second Kairos team meeting is the day after tomorrow.  The last meeting was a good one for me as I made a spiritual connection with one of the new team members when we had the opportunity to visit and pray together.  The Lord touched us both that day and I’ve prayed for her since hoping He does life changing things through this experience.  I loved being able to catch up with some of the others from the last team.

I have been on many weekends over the last few years serving in various capacities, as you never know how you will be asked to serve each time, unless of course you are clergy.  Assignments are not given during the first meeting, but I thought that everyone already knew what their responsibilities were and because I didn’t know what mine were, I didn’t have any.  For some reason I was so disappointed, that I retreated to pull myself together and accepted reality.  I don’t understand the emotional reaction, other then I wanted the opportunity to share myself with a new group because it seemed relationships really took off after I gave my first talk when I served in a previous community.  I simply chose to trust that the Lord had me right where He wanted me to serve. In fact, I was encouraged in that by discussion that arose independent of anyone knowing my heart. I found a peace and forgot all about it.

Later that week I received an email asking me to do a talk.  I was a little surprised but not overly excited.  The talk I am to give is “Opening the Door”.  There’s no telling what I will share as I wait on Him to show me.  One of the talks I gave in my previous community was life changing as I made myself vulnerable.  This is an opportunity to trust Him to bring me new freedom and that is another rewarding aspect of being on a Kairos team.  Sharing the reality of Christ and His love inside the prison is the passion of the Kairos Ministry, we ALL share in His Love in very personal ways, even though it is all about the residents.  We don’t take Christ into the prison, He is already there and loves on us when we gather in His name, with the purpose of making Him known where He is not recognized

Check back after a post of how the next meeting unfolds to see where the Lord leads.

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