Let Your Little Light Shine

This is an inexpensive and easily made palanca that will work for a men or women’s weekend.  Let us know your twist on this favorite.


Materials: Baby Food Jars – ask a local daycare center or new mom to save as many jars as you will need

A bag of tea lights

Ribbon – any color or width of your choice

Single Hole Punch – optional

Box of Avery Business cards (Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart)

Avery Design Pro (free software) – Click here for the link to download Avery Design Pro   for PC                                                                                                   Click here for the link to download Avery Design Pro for MAC

The software is intuitive and easy to use enabling you to be creative and print whatever you want to say on the card, i.e. “Let Your Little Light Shine” in the color and font you choose.

Instructions:  Print up your cards and cut out lengths of ribbon to go around the lip of the jar with enough for a nice bow.  Punch a hole in the card, put it on the ribbon before tying it around the jar or simply stand the card up next to jar. Be sure to include whatever info want on the card, i.e. table name, weekend #, community, date, reunion group, etc.  Drop the tea light into the jar.  Box of matches are optional.

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