Does Your Life Reflect The Gospel?

Shining Sun in Blue SkyDoes your life reflect the Gospel of Jesus?  The Gospel literally means the teaching or revelation of Jesus Christ.  Does your life reflect and reveal Him and could it be possible without speaking a single word? Do you ever wonder what characteristics of the Gospel would show the effect, existence, or character of Jesus and then wonder if those same characteristics are in you?

These questions make me think and hopefully, they make you think a little as well.  After hearing a sermon from Louie Giglio at Passion City Church his words stayed with me long after his teaching was finished.  I wondered if I lived a life that asks ‘why’, even though I am confident in my irrefutable argument of His existence.  It is impossible for me to deny the reality of what I know to be true of Him in my own life.  He has made Himself known to me in intimate and personal ways as no one else could. Another’s lack of belief in what I know to be true for me does not    repudiate its reality.  I have a story of His reality in my life that has and continues to change me that is irrefutable.

However, I ask myself ….  does my life actually reflect characteristics of Him?  Louie, spoke of four characteristics that reflect the Gospel.  These four include extravagance, security, faithfulness and confidence.  I think I possess varying degrees of each with a hunger for more of them.  We see unlimited examples of extravagance in Scripture but the most obvious is God giving us His Son and lavishing His love on us so we could be in relationship with Him.  Am I extravagant? Do I reflect the gospel by extravagantly giving of my time, money, effort and patience where He is seen by others? If I were honest with myself I’d have to say there is most definitely room for improvement.  I can reflect those things at certain times, under ideal circumstances and mostly when its convenient.  That is not to say there is no reflection at all but I’m not living a life that causes others to ask ‘why’?  No one ever asks me ‘why’ I am so generous.  Do you live a life of ‘why’ giving extravagantly?

I am not like I used to be when it comes to insecurity.  Insecurity used to be so paralyzing.  Preventing me from doing so many things, from building healthy relationships to moving forward in my life.  It kept me bound and fearful.  Those who truly know me, know how far I have come.  Jesus’ love has set me free from a lot of insecurity, but again, if I’m honest…no one ever asks me ‘why’ am I so secure. My life does not reflect such security that it begs the question….why.  In fact, much room for improvement is needed!

It is important to me to keep my word, even when it hurts because I understand the value of faithfulness.  “Faithful people stand out in a fickle world,” says Louie!  I don’t always stand out in that way and would like to reflect the Gospel by practicing excellence in the things I do everyday.  I want to to become a part of my character and not something I do when it is convenient. I don’t want to be fickle in my faithfulness but steadfast because it is who I have become through the faithfulness of Jesus in my life.

Ah, confidence!  I never really knew what it was like to be confident.  As I have learned to trust in Him, confidence in myself has increased.  It is refreshing and strengthening to have new confidence.  Yet, it is something that I long to have more of.  The stronger I grow in my relationship with Him the more my confidence grows.  “Confidence in a shaky world stands out,” says Louie. Sometimes my level of confidence stands out in various places but I’d rather stand out because that is who I am rather then where I am.  I want my life to reflect confidence to the point that it begs the question…’why’!

Yes, my life reflects the Gospel of Jesus because I have an irrefutable argument of His life changing mine.  I want greater change so that there is greater reflection to live a life that asks why.  I want my life to speak of the Gospel and only use words when necessary.  How about you? Does your life reflect the Gospel? Do you have a story to tell and does it tell the story of Jesus without using words?  

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