New Life in Christ Butterfly



Smartie Butterfly Palanca – Agape


Smarties candy 


Pipe Cleaners

Foam Tape

Googley Eyes


3 Different Colors of Paper, to make 3 sizes of heart shapes

Index cards or squares made of colorful card stock

all of these things create Candy Butterfly Palanca/Agape


Cut out of the 3 colors of paper two large, medium and small heart shapes.  Make sure the larger two hearts overlap in the center to have a place to tape down the smartie candy for the body.  Layer, by taping the remaining hearts with foam tape to give the butterfly the appearance of flying.  Twist the pipe cleaner on one end of the candy for the antennas, glue down the googley eyes on the button and then tape the button down on the candy.

Glue the butterfly on the card stock square and write “New Life in Christ”

Optional: Add your reunion group name, weekend #, Community name, etc.

Please visit our store where you will find ready made palanca/agape or devotionals that make great gifts for 4th day reunion groups.

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