Often Its Time Not Effort That Brings Change

Often its time and not effort that brings change.  Have you ever waited and waited not liking the current moment, long for change and it seems like the end will never, ever come.  Nothing seems to change no matter how hard you try?  Are you full of hope only to never have what you hope for?  Are you here and much rather be there?

A hisbiscus plant coming back from the brink of death with no bloomsTake a look at this picture of a hibiscus plant it produces very beautiful colorful flowers, but at the point in time that this picture was taken it had been uprooted so it could be transplanted to another garden.  It was a change that came quickly and probably unexpectedly.  Look and you will see all of the leaves have died and there are no blooms.  The plant looks like it is ready to die or is already dead, but in reality that is not the case, because the stem is green and strong, even though void of leaves and blooms.

This is significant because with time it will come back so beautifully with healthy green leaves and big colorful flowers, just like what you see in here.  But, there is nothing the plant can do except wait for time to pass before  leaves and blooms are replaced. Of course, water and light are needed to maintain growth, but these do not instantly revive dead leaves and blooms.A budding hisbiscus plant Only with time will new life once again be evident.  A time will come when the plant will be in full bloom again demonstrating it is ALIVE and WELL!  There is nothing it can do, but wait for its leaves and blooms to return for a season of beauty.  It can’t go from looking dead to looking beautifully alive instantly, without time passing in between. The only thing to do is WAIT.

Have you ever hoped for something for a long time and never thought it would come? It seemed you waited forever and before it finally happened. You went from ‘here’ to ‘there’, from without to with and change happened.  You went from not having to having because who hopes for what they already have? But what if you could go from here to there having whatever you wanted, when you wanted it? Would there ever be any purpose in waiting?  Waiting is learning to being content in the moment while at the same time staying in a place of expectancy, in a looking forward to.

A key to waiting is knowing that you will go from here to there, but you must first recognize that there is time that must pass in between? The only way for Today to become Tomorrow is for time to pass.  We can’t choose how much time it may take nor can we control the rate of speed with which it passes. Time can only be marked and measured never controlled. Time is not at our mercy but rather we are at its mercy.  Our desire may be for it to pass quickly or slowly, the sun may rise and set at different times but each day passes at the same rate of speed, because that remains a constant that never changes.

Right ‘now’ or Today is not what you are waiting for, because it is here, it is what is and not what was or what will be. Now is here, it is the current moment.

‘There’ is an elusive place, sometimes in sight and sometimes out of sight.  It is where we are hoping and looking forward to.

A blooming hibiscus plantSometimes, we simply are where we don’t want to be and hope for what is next.  Just like the hibiscus plant we are waiting and sometimes that is the only thing we can do for change to come.   In variably, change comes through time and not through effort.  The effort is in not giving up when the wait is long and time seems to fail in taking us from here to there.  It is not a matter of doing but rather of waiting.  We wait for the hibiscus knowing it will bloom again not through its own effort but through time.

Have you ever felt like time has failed you and the wait will never end?


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