OOOOH My Gosh, That Was Amazing, Pop said!

Jesse the winner is....

“OOHH My Gosh! That was amazing” Pop said, as we sat watching the TV.  Yeah! I agreed, it was indeed amazing! As the reality of the moment sank in, even more about it became amazing to me.  The entire family sat in my sister’s small living room as we watched the show.  We knew that Jesse Mayo, my nephew would not be on the show that week but we were watching it in support of his upcoming turn.

Here we were all together in North Carolina having gotten together for my niece’s high school graduation. We had come in from Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles for a few days of celebration.  Each of us coming from our own worlds with different focuses, purposes and directions to be with one another for a few days to celebrate one of life’s milestones.  Who would have ever thought ……? Who knew we’d all be sitting in the same place to see Jesse’s first television appearance at the same time?

The picture you see is a one second shot of Jesse at the end of the show we watched called ‘The Winner is ….’ as a contestant who will be competing on the upcoming episode.  It is a quick pic of the one second preview we watched all together.  Seeing it was extremely exciting for all of us and what was amazing for me was the fact that we were not scattered all over the country but were all together in the same living room watching at the same time.  There he was …. on TV and we all got to share in the moment together!

Pop’s reaction was priceless as the reality of his grandson being on TV was sinking in.  That was one of the best things about being all together.  Despite the fact that his parents already know how things are gonna go they were excited and thrilled to see him on the tube right there in their own living room.  A bonus for Jesse who was more laid back about it all was his best friend from childhood was there watching with us as well.  The very quick moment was kind of surreal.

For me the moment was quite exciting but it warmed my heart that we were all together for it and that was something we would have NEVER planned.  That is what made is so sweet.  Life is a series of moments and sometimes the best ones are the ones we didn’t make happen but thoroughly enjoy!  Reminding me once again that you never know what the next one holds ……

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