Open My Ears, Lord! I want to hear You…

Q-Tip Palanca and Agape



Postcard sized paper or plain index cards

Colored paper of your choice

Glue stick



Copy repeatedly whatever you want to say i.e. “Open my ears, Lord! I want to hear You”  on whatever color paper you choose using the computer for nice, clean copy. (You may want to mix or match the colored paper & ribbon color) Cut around the font on colored paper in whatever shape you desire  and then paste it on top of the white paper for contrast.  Group up a number of Q-tips and secure them with the ribbon tied in a bow, then paste the bundle down on the card.

Optional: Personalize with table name, weekend # and who palanca/agape is from written directly on card or typed out on labels and placed in lower right hand corner.

Please visit our store where you will find ready made palanca/agape or devotionals that make great gifts for 4th day reunion groups.

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