Palanca or Agape?

Palanca or Agape, regardless of what you call it,  it is the same powerful force in the 4th Day Movement.  It is a spiritual force within the 3 day renewal weekend that changes the hearts and lives of both team members and participants.  It is primarily prayer and intercession on behalf of others, but it is also the actual effort, action and sacrifices that are offered for the spiritual success of those we love and serve. Palanca and Agape is petitioning God, interceding on behalf of all things that pertain to the 4th day movement by providing the supernatural power to accomplish the supernatural acts of God.  It enables the accomplishment of things that would otherwise be impossible without the grace of God.

This website initially begin with the idea of simply creating an online resource to share ideas for palanca and agape, but it was a struggle to get folks to submit their ideas and include a list of materials, instructions and a picture of the completed piece.  We believe it is the picture of the completed palanca or agape idea that makes our resource so unique.  As time progressed, we thought it a good idea to offer items for sale already made.

Listed below are benefits of ready made palanca and agape:

  • It builds & strengthens relationship between communities
  • Spreads life-changing anointing resulting from prayer & sacrifice world wide
  • Revenues received are reinvested in the 4th day community (see how)
  • ‘Anointed’ gift giving is made easy for those short on time or not the crafty kind

Another very unique aspect of this resource is the difference between hand made gifts and those that are store bought.  The gifts sold on our site are lovingly and prayerfully made by ladies in the 4th day community who have been touched by the anointing during their weekend experience.  Each piece of palanca and agape is prayed over by those making it with the aim of moving beyond the impossible and overcoming any resistance to Grace on the part of those for whom they pray.  This prayer and sacrifice creates the anointing creating a spiritual force that store bought gifts simply do not have.

So in reality, when these gifts are given not only in your local community but anywhere in the 4th day community  it spreads the spiritual force or anointing of God all world wide. Participant by participant, hearts and lives are changed. Palanca and Agape bought online is of no less spiritual value then a letter that has been emailed from one community to another!

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Bookmark Us! Check back periodically to see new ideas and watch for new DeColores Resources to be added to our store all the time.  I will be adding things like lanyards, prayer shawls and note cards, etc.  Things unique to the 4th day movement.

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