Humility e-book


Humility is a requirement of a servant’s heart.


Humility is a powerful part of building relationship and unity during team formation when preparing for spiritual renewal weekends.  This collection of meditations on humility is not only useful for creating community when forming a team but also in small group discussion, as well as in encouraging personal spiritual growth.


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Humility is a theme taught in preparation to serve on a spiritual renewal weekend because it is needed to build relationship and strengthen unity among team members.  This collection of meditations on humility is a powerful resource for the leader who is seeking to build unity during team formation for preparation of serving on Kairos, Cursillo, Tres Dias, Walk to Emmaus and Credo Recovery weekends.

The resource is also useful for small group discussion and personal spiritual growth in new and seasoned believers.

This e-book is great tool for team development as it contains meditations from each one of the highlighted themes used to develop and strengthen unity through spiritual experiences, during team formation meetings in preparation for Cursillo, Kairos, Credos Recovery, Tres Dias and other 3 day spiritual weekends.



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A five part Study

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