Servanthood e-book


Servanthood is a powerful component of building team unity.


An attitude of Servanthood is a necessity in building and strengthening unity through spiritual experience.  This collection of meditations on servanthood is written to help develop attitudes of service when preparing for Kairos, Credos, Tres Dias and other three day spiritual weekends. Its purpose is to help foster and develop attitudes of service within the team members in preparation for the weekend experience.  Servanthood is one of many of the themes discussed during team meetings.


This e-book is also a helpful resource to encourage and teach in attitudes of service in small group discussion and can be used a personal devotional as well.


Download a single book and copy to share with your team.

This is a collection of meditations on servanthood written by Edward Caputo is an excellent resource for developing attitudes of service and unity in your large and small groups, as well as in your own personal walk with the Lord.




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A five part Study

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