Vulnerability e-book


Vulnerability is key to spiritual growth.


Vulnerability is one of the highlighted themes used when desiring to build unity among your team when preparing for a Kairos, Credo Recovery, Tres Dias, Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus or other three day spiritual weekend.  Vulnerability is a prerequisite to transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit as is developed through shared discussion on the meditation of its fruit.  Enjoy the collection of these meditations written for the purpose of building trust and relationship among team members preparing for a weekend of the outpouring of God’s lavish love.


It is also useful for small group discussion and personal growth.


Download a single book and copy to share with your team.

These meditations are a powerful resource whether you are interested in developing unity in your small group or simply desire to become more vulnerable to the Holy Spirit in your own life.



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A five part Study

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