Stick Cross

Stick Cross


  • Ribbon of various colors and sizes
  • Dab of hot glue
  • Sticks of various sizes and lengths (2 sticks per cross)
  • Cards to write small notes


  • Dab a little hot glue in between the sticks to hold them together while you wrap the ribbon around the center.
  • Dab a little glue on the end of each ribbon to keep it securely fashioned on the cross.
  • Leave a little room on the ribbon so it can be used to hang like an ornament.
  • Write a small note and include the weekend # and table name if you’d like!

These stick crosses make sweet little gifts for your weekend.  Less feminine colored ribbon works well for your men’s palanca or agape!

Looking for more ideas for your weekend? We have a wonderful resource of handmade palanca and agape ideas AND we are always looking for new ideas to add to it! Try one and share one!  We’d love to add your community’s favorite gift to give to our growing resource and we make it easy. Simply click here to use our simple form.

We also have ready made palanca and agape available on our website for those who may be short on time or are not the crafty kind.

Please check us out at Your Fourth Day Connection.

1 thought on “Stick Cross”

  1. I just love these cross’s they are simple and adorable and perfect we are having a one day retreat and our theme is…..
    “Que Detalle, Señor has tenido conmigo …”
    “What a detail, Lord have you had with me …”

    I am sure you’ll agree.
    Thank You

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