Ties That Bind

Looking for Palanca for an upcoming men’s weekend?  We have some “Ties that Bind” which is a good palanca for men.

Blessed be the ‘Tie’ that Binds



Generous supply of men’s old ties. (One for each participant to have their own) Goodwill or Thrift stores are a great place to find them.

Bottles of Fabric paint  (Numerous colors to use on the various color ties you will have)

You are welcome to add any other special touches like confetti, sequins or buttons – whatever you have an abundance of in your craft supplies.


The instructions for this palanca idea are very simple.  All that really needs to be done is to use the bottle of fabric paint to write the words ‘Blessed are the ties that bind’ on each tie and simply let the paint dry thoroughly before gathering them up.  You can be creative by adding pictures of a cross (as seen in the picture), a crown or a dove.  Use your imagination to make it uniquely yours.  Don’t forget to pray over them while you are working because you never know how the anointing of the Holy Spirit will touch the heart of the man who receives your palanca!


—Rainbows in the Park Reunion Group – Durham, NC.

         Heart of Carolina – Emmaus

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  1. Thanks for checking us out. I appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts as they are encouraging to this beginner to keep on keepin’ on. Be sure to get your free copy of Meditations for your Fourth Day, especially if you are a part of a fourth day community.

    1. Glad you let us know your thoughts and want to keep coming back. When you stop by the site again be sure to get your Free copy of Meditations for Your Fourth Day, especially if you are part of a fourth day community.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. This is all very new to me at the moment and I am open to learning all I can. Hopefully, you were able to download your free copy of Meditations for Your Fourth Day.

  3. Thanks for the reply! When you come back to visit the site, please sure to get your free copy of our Meditations For Your Fourth Day. I am always looking for new ideas for weekend palanca and agape and would love for you to share yours!

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