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It takes a lot of time in the garden and I find myself impatient with how long it takes for things to grow.  Often, the Lord speaks to me when working out there. Even though I see things growing they are far from ready. So I wait and wait, but I am not idling sitting by, no, there are always things to do while waiting.  There is weeding, watering and feeding to be done constantly and I do this in anticipation of what I want to come.  I can’t wait to eat what is growing.  I am so looking forward to the moment when I will have what I have been working so hard for.

Instant results from hard work simply don’t come because we worked hard, results take time.  Time is a factor we just can’t control, we can’t speed it up or it slow down and it moves without any influence from us.

There are two kinds of time, while chronos is quantitative time which is fixed and scheduled, the second Kairos is qualitative  in nature, which is unique and special time. Kairos is about the right or opportune time, the supreme moment. While the former refers to sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word.

While scheduled time is a ‘fixed’ time by which we govern our lives.  It helps us make a point of ‘touching’ in accountability as in appointments and commitments. It is measured in terms of past, present and future, giving us markers. Kairos is a special, unannounced, appointed time of ‘touching’.  Kairos is what makes the moment special, while scheduled time is what marks the moment from beginning to end.  Often our Kairos moments are unimaginable while our scheduled moments may or may not unfold as we imagined.

Just as with my garden, I have been waiting for and anticipating with great excitement an upcoming weekend inside the Women’s Prison.  We have spent a great deal of chronos time praying and preparing for our Kairos Weekend which is fast approaching and even though the weekend itself is heavily governed by chronos time it is all for the purpose of a ‘Kairos’ moment with the Holy Spirit Himself.

It will be moment of indeterminate time when many things happen to bring healing and freedom to the hearts and minds of those being served as well as those who are serving.  I have been waiting for the moment and hoping that this Kairos will truly be an ‘appointed’  time for me personally.  I have been praying and fasting for the Lord to so specific things in my life and will have to ‘wait’ to get to the other side of the weekend to see how He answers.

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