What is Long Distant Anointed Palanca-Agape?

Long Distance Palanca and Agape

What is long distance anointed palanca and agape? I’ve been doing a little blogging about the idea of selling handmade palanca and agape and taking the pulse of the 4th community to see how people feel about the idea of making it available for sale.  Is long distance palanca – agape a good idea? In general, most prefer to give handmade gifts as opposed to store bought ones.  I think the idea still takes a little getting used to, but folks seem relatively open.  It is just a matter of thinking a little differently and seeing what a new perspective can bring to the 4th day community.

We make anointed handmade palanca ~ agape as easy and convenient to purchase as store bought and available to anyone one in the 4th day community around the world.  There is something about prayer-covered, Holy Spirit inspired, handmade gifts whose main purpose is lifting up the receiver to overcome the resistance to grace and move beyond impossibility! The anointing is what makes the difference between what is store bought and handmade.  Palanca ~ agape have often been the very thing the Lord uses to make the difference in a candidate’s weekend.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to bless someone in another community or country with the spiritual force that is represented by handmade palanca and agape? Can anointed palanca – agape actually be a life changer for the participant who received it?  The Holy Spirit is the One who makes that happen! He can do just that anywhere in the world as He works through hands, hearts, prayers and sacrifices of those who create those unique, handmade gifts of love called palanca or agape.  Long distance palanca – agape are the handmade gifts and trinkets made in one community and given to other far away communities. Your Fourth Day Connection makes this possible by offering prayer covered gifts available for purchase.  Handmade vessels that carry the anointing of God from one community to another anywhere in the world is long distant, anointed palanca – agape.

See what is available in our store!     We have some very special handmade, prayer covered gifts!  Shipping is included in the price.

Do you have a testimony of how you were powerfully impacted by palanca ~ agape during your weekend?  We would love for you to tell us about it! Use our testimony form found here.

Do you or your community have special gifts of palanca ~ agape especially loved and enjoyed by others? Would you be willing to share them with other communities? Would you be willing to make them available for sale to lift spirits of those who are long distance? Allow us to ‘connect’ you with those who are looking for that something special.  See our video

See the post that talks about how the income raised can be reinvested in the 4th day community!

Please contact us  because we’d love to help you make it available.


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