Witness Bracelet



Witness Bracelet Palanca/Agape Idea


  • Pony Beads
  • Leather Twine
  • Paper or card stock


  • String the beads on the twine and tie a knot on either side to keep them from sliding around
  • 16″ of leather to make a bracelet
  • Close the bracelet by knotting each end strung between two beads to allow adjustment in size  (see the picture)
  • Each color has a significant meaning:

Black: represents our sin

Red: represents the Blood Jesus shed for us

White: represents the cleansing of our sin

Blue: represents baptism

Green: represents the new life we have in Jesus

Yellow: represents God’s perfect light

Purple: represents the robe and crown you will wear in heaven

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2 thoughts on “Witness Bracelet”

    1. Hi Hettie!
      Palanca is the name used for the little gifts given on the weekend and is often times called ‘Agape’ in other 4th day communities. It means ‘lever’ in Spanish, because it ‘lifts’ the spirit when its given. I’m happy that you found our site and even better found something you like in our gallery of handmade palanca/agape ideas. Hoping it is a hit for your outreach endeavors! DeColores!

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