‘You’ are the army of God

You are the army of God


  • Bag of toy soldiers
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Avery Business cards of your choice (8371 or 8376



    • Click on Avery link above
    • Click Templates & Software tab on blue bar
    • Choose Avery Design & Print Online
    • Register for an account if you choose
    • Choose business cards from menu on the left (find a blank one or choose one and delete images)
    • Use the dashboard to create the message “You are the army of God” or whatever message you choose using the font and colors you like

Glue your little soldier down on the card

Include whatever info want on the card, i.e. table name, weekend #, community, date, reunion group, etc. or use mailing labels printed in Word to apply to the back.


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