You Love Being Creative, Right?

makes it no longer palanca & agapeYou Love Being Creative, Right?

You love being creative, right? What is creativity and why is it a part of us? According to Wikipedi creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created.  Generally speaking, intelligence and cognition are perceived to be associated with it as well, but have you ever wondered where creativity comes from and why we have it?

Creativity is expression in unlimited forms.

Creativity is expression that produces novel and useful things and can be defined as the process of producing something with value, originality and imaginative. What is expressed can come in unlimited forms and is not singled out in a particular subject or area.

Creativity is a gift.

Would you say being creative is itself a gift?  I think its definitely a gift, given to us from the Original Creator Himself. Each one of us are created with value, originality and imaginative for usefulness and purpose.  Our hearts are ‘containers’ of His Spirit if He lives in us and it is in relationship with Him that we grow in knowledge and intimacy and desire to make Him known.  We are expressions of His creativity.

If creativity is indeed a gift, what value would there be in it, if its not used and enjoyed?  I believe that not only are we gifts, but we have also been filled with them to be used and enjoyed as well! I would venture to say that God is all about giving and it makes Him happy! He has even given His Son.

Gifts are for giving.

Giving comes out of relationship. Relationship is the connection between the giver and receiver.  Each seeks to honor the other with the gift.  For example, the receiver honors the giver by using and enjoying the gift.  If the gift is neglected or refused by the receiver it can dishonor the giver.

We were all made with different gifts, talents and purposes.  We are uniquely loved and created to express His love.  We honor Him when we become skilled in the use of those gifts.  If we honor Him by using what He’s given, He in turn honors us.  Why could that not come in the form of prosperity?

So, let’s say for example that palanca and agape is an expressed form of creativity with the purpose of carrying the power of the Gospel.  Why is it thought to be less of a blessing or void of its purpose when it’s sold instead of given? Why does making it available for sale thought to somehow cheapen the gift? I wonder also why the mindset that if it is created by one to be sold and bought to be given by another it is somehow so cheapened that it is no longer thought to be palanca or agape?  How is a container that is created to carry the power of the Gospel less of an expression of palanca or agape because its sold to be given? The materials to make it have to be bought by someone and as well as the time taken to create it there is sacrifice in both, plus the investment of prayer but that can also be increased by the one who bought the gift to give away.

If you love being creative and it is a part of you, why isn’t it acceptable to be expressed as palanca and agape? How is using creativity given by the Original Creator as a gift inappropriate for creating wealth to further His Kingdom?  How does selling as opposed to giving negate the blessing, power and purpose of carrying the power of the Gospel?  I don’t think it does, in fact, I believe it is a way of honoring God and He honoring us in return.

Tell me what do you think? I’d love to know….

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