You Are One Of God’s Favorite Chicks!

You are one of God's favorite Chicks!

Pack of chiclets gum with label reading 'You are one of God's favorite chicks'

Chiclets Palanca/Agape Idea


Packs of Chiclets chewing gum (Found at grocery stores, Dollar Stores, etc.)

Sheets of mailing labels


Type or hand write on the label “Remember: YOU, are one of God’s favorite chicks!” and apply to the front of the box.

Optional: Include your reunion group name, weekend #, etc. on a label put on the back of the package.


Chiclets palanca/agape idea is submitted by

Mt. Bethel UMC ~

Please visit our store where you will find ready made palanca/agape or devotionals that make great gifts for 4th day reunion groups.

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