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Our mission for Your Fourth Day Connection is to serve and strengthen the 4thDay Movement through deeper devotion to Jesus by providing useful resources to help build relationship within and between communities.  We desire it to become a spring of refreshing to those who provide spiritual renewal for so many others.  We love serving in Cursillo, Tres Dias, Walk to Emmaus and especially Kairos and Credo Recovery Communities.

Our purpose is to keep the passion of the renewal experience alive throughout the 4th day.  After 30+ years of serving in the 4th day community in nearly every position from kitchen to spiritual director and being in a reunion group for over two decades, Ed Caputo has written various resources, ranging from meditations for team formation to a number of books.  Meditations for Your Fourth Day, is specifically for reunion groups newly formed or those seeking refreshing from the Holy Spirit.  These are all available in our online store


I believe creativity is a gift from the Almighty Creator Himself given for infinite expression and unimagined purpose and as our gifts are practiced and perfected they bring wonder, awe and new ways of seeing and being.  Palanca and agape are not simply expressions of creativity but powerful containers of anointing that accomplish things only God’s grace can.  These 'containers'  hold unimagined purpose through the power of prayer and sacrifice of their creators.

My passion for Your Fourth Day Connection is to create a place for 4th day-ers to share their creative ideas.  Ideally, this would be more then a DeColores resource but an online community, for those who LOVE making gifts of palanca or agape for their communities.  It would be a place where creativity is shared and encouraged to make those 'containers' of anointing and grace accomplish unimaginable purposes, in unimaginable ways. It is the power of His grace to change hearts, to restore relationships, to bring freedom and salvation.  I believe that, when we use our gifts to honor Him, He honors our gifts in return.

Kitrina Caputo



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