Meditations For Your Fourth Day

Meditations For Your Fourth DayAre you looking for a way to bring refreshing to your community? Our little book by Edward Caputo, was written for 4th Day Reunion Groups and Ultreyas that follow a three day spiritual renewal weekend, whether it’s Tres Dias, Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, The Great Banquet, Kairos, Credo Recovery and other similar weekends. It builds on the themes such as piety, the church, grace in action and study all taught during the weekend.  It’s purpose is to help carry on the refreshing and revelation experienced during the weekend throughout your 4th day.

Our little book is a perfect gift of palanca/agape for your reunion group, your team and your community.  What makes this such a great gift is that it is useful to reunion groups newly formed or long established.  Its purpose is to build and strengthen community and to carry on the refreshing and revelation experienced during the weekend throughout your 4th day.  It approaches Scripture not as texts to be studied but rather to be read as the Living Word.  It does not analyze passages but views them with Christ as the key to their meaning.  Through prayer and meditation it is intended to promote communion with God and can be used in small groups and as personal devotionals.

The book can easily be given as palanca after the 4th day talk or in the 4th day packet as well as at the closing ceremony.  It makes a thoughtful gift given during any of those times.

Available In The Following Format:

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