Trash Bag Butterflies

Trash Bag Butterflies handmade palanca and agape

Butterfly Trash Bag Palanca/Agape Idea


  • 13 gallon size trash bags  (84 or 100 count bag – found at Walmart)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Card Stock – cut in 3”x3” squares
  • Single hole punch


Separate Bags from the roll

Fold the bags over into a small square about a 5” square

Cut 3”x3” squares from the card stock with the words of your choice that will fit within the square, typed or handwritten

Punch hole in top of the square

Put square on 3” piece of pipe cleaner folded in half and centered on the folded bag.  Squash bag down inside the pipe cleaner so that it sits in the fold and wrap the two ends together to close the bag inside.  Bend the ends rounding them out to make them look like antennas.

Then spread out the sides of the bag to form a butterfly shape making Trash bag butterflies.

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