Watch For The Signal to Find Peace

What do I hear myself speaking?  Do I listen carefully to my “self-talk”?  What I have been speaking to myself points directly at my emotions.  My emotions are the signal, a predictor of whether the elements of my soul are in or out of sync with the Holy Spirit.  Am I amiss and out of sync?

My emotions tell me about my internal living conditions.  They help me to know if I am living out of my soul, rather then the center of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  He awaits groaning in jealously for my affection (James 4:5) wanting me to receive all that He holds in reserve for me. The Holy Spirit waits for me to surrender my thoughts, emotions and actions giving Him permission to penetrate those elements of my soul. God calls us to willing and humble compliance, so that He can give us whatever we want.  “Ask whatever you will and I will give it to you”.

Why have I been so slow to ask?  Perhaps, it is the same reason I have been so slow to comply!  If I align my thinking, feeling and acting with the indwelling Spirit, He engages and empowers me to surrender these elements in trust to Him, giving me His peace. Once aligned, the peace that passes understanding settles upon my soul and I become subservient to the indwelling Holy Spirit.  I may ask whatever I will and it will be done in and for me.

Allowing the peace that surpasses understanding to become a stronghold of guidance in my life will   keep my soul under the influence of the Holy Spirit, so that I have the confidence in knowing that whatever I ask will be done.

… so what can I ask?

Gracious and generous God, teach me to watch the signal of my self-talk and empower me to fulfill that, for which I have been created.  Let your peace become a stronghold of guidance in keeping my soul under the influence of your Holy Spirit.  I am certain that is what You will do.  Thank you, for the promise of Your assurance, that “everyone who asks receives”

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