A Kairos Junkie


I am preparing to serve on my 6th Kairos team and we begin our first meeting in two weeks.  I can say it straight out, without any shame………I am addicted to Kairos!  It is unashamedly an addiction to the Holy Spirit.  Whether it be a Kairos meeting where we are just beginning team formation and building relationships while preparing for an upcoming weekend or being at the monthly reunions, that follow the Weekend, while visiting with the residents at the prison, it seems the Lord never fails to make His presence known.  Never am I the same after these meetings. I have a passion for Kairos Prison Ministry International.  We have a hardworking community of ladies who love serving here in Georgia.

The Kairos Weekend is a powerful experience in and of itself for everyone involved, whether you are being served or are serving.  Each weekend is unique in team formation as the Lord gathers ladies who are veterans in serving in the prison and those who have never had the experience.  The Holy Spirit does unique things in each heart regardless of the extent experience of the one who has come to serve.   Of course, it is all about the ones who are being served and the Lord does amazing things in demonstrating His love in very personal, intimate ways to each resident.

As, I conclude the commitment of my 5th Kairos Weekend this Saturday and begin a sixth one, I want to share  in the posts that follow things the Lord does in my heart and life during preparation for the weekend, as well as the weekend itself and even in some of the monthly reunions.  So stay tuned to learn the intimate details of Kairos ‘junkie’ with a serious addiction to the Holy Spirit and His freeing love.




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  1. I served Kairos in New Jersey for 12 years. The Holy Spirit called me into prisons to share the gospel.
    I miis it and hope to get back……..You are not a “junkie” but a SERVANT God Bless

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