Are You Weary of Waiting to Get From Here to There?

Wooden clockAre you weary of waiting?  Sometimes we are where we don’t want to be and when we are in that place we are look forward to what is to come.  We are waiting and sometimes that is the only thing we can do before things will be different is to wait.  Change will come with time and not with effort.  We can spend a great deal of effort to no avail and then when time passes change is apparent, though our efforts had nothing to do with it.

After having done everything you can do and there is nothing left that your effort will accomplish, the next thing that happens is waiting.  If ‘there’ is where you want to be and you are still ‘here’, the only thing that will move you from one place to another is time, what do you do while you simply wait?  Do you begin to doubt that you will ever get there?  Are you weary of waiting to get from ‘here to there’? Do you become angry and fearful taking those things out on the relationships around you?  Or are you confident that even though you are not there yet, you will be?

I believe that is why the bible instructs us in Gal 6:9, when after having done all that we can, we should continue to stand and believe.  We must believe because we are not actually there yet.

If we plant a seed in the ground, it doesn’t depend on our believing to grow what it is, we are confident it will become whatever seed we planted.  If we planted carrot seeds it will be a carrot when it gets ‘there’.  We did all the work to get the garden ready for the seed to grow, the actual growing takes time and no effort on our part.  All we can do is wait.  Again, after having done all we can do, we must continue to wait, wait for growth to occur and in this case, for the seed (here) to become a carrot (there).




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